Author: Isak Bukhman
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Publication Date: 2012/03
Hardcover: 368 page
ISBN: 9789868563520
Language: English
Color: color printing


TRIZ Technology for Innovation presents the message of Genrich Altshuller, the author’s teacher and the founder of TRIZ. The ideas and methods of TRIZ, as it was originally created by Altshuller and his followers, are clearly explained.
There are five parts to this book. Part one, the first eight chapters, explains the main elements of TRIZ. The second part, Chapter 9, (Creative Imagination Development), describes methods of opening our thinking process in order to make the best use of TRIZ and to help in understanding TRIZ logic by encouraging the creation and acceptance of crazy, fantastic concepts and systems. Chapter 10, Creative Person Development, is part three of the book. It introduces and nurtures a philosophy of being prepared to live a creative life. The fourth part of the book contains the final chapter, TRIZ Technology for Innovation. This chapter is about how to use all the elements of TRIZ in combination with other proven design and development methods, as well as the best practices of various project teams for effective problem solving and system development. Three appendixes comprise the fifth part of the book. Here are ideas and recommendations for how to study TRIZ, how to implement TRIZ in your company, and how to develop a new specialty (Technology for Innovation). This book is recommended as a textbook to students and teachers at the university and high school level, as well as a practical handbook to any engineer or specialist involved in technology and services development. Of course, I believe it will also be beneficial and interesting to anyone with an inquiring mind, irrespective of age and specialty.
If you feel that TRIZ could be a part of your life, would like to start your TRIZ career, would like to implement TRIZ in your company, or have any question related to TRIZ theory and practice, please feel free to contact me. I will gladly offer support and welcome you as a member of our TRIZ family.
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